Friday, 18 September 2009

Go Do That Voodoo That You Do So Well

Summer done (I know I've said too many times now but still) and this annoys me, 
I had fun in the fields of 1234 and Offset Festivals. 
Fun on Bora Bora Beach never seen so much tits and ass before in my life.
Experienced life changing moments on the dance floor of Amnesia witnessing the power of Richie Hawtin and Cocoon. Ripped the shit out of the sound system at Eden. 
Met idol after idol. 
Got loads of free shit.
Converted to Logic.
Discovered that finders really does mean keepers.
Realised that Kirten Dunst is really really fit.
Confirmed to the world that Katie Price (Jordan) or whatever, isn't.
Had a rude boy idea for a T.V. show.
Learnt loads of lessons.
Slept on the best mattresses but then again I did sleep on some of the worse.
Met some pretty awesome people too.

No I'm not getting soft and this isn't a round up more like a big up.
Because as shit as it was, it was also one of the best and we can't go back to 2002 so this is it, or should that be was it.
I'm sure when I get a second to actually think about it properly I'll realise, was sweet!

Roll On Winter, Big Coats, Big Ass Hats, Loads of Knitwear and Upcoming Shows!!
19th Sept
Kool Kids Klub @ The Sunrooms with Noob (Turbo Records)
28th Sept
FF @ Bar Mango, Reading
1st Oct
Woods @ The Russian Bar, London
3rd Oct
Nuke Em All, London
5th Oct
FF @ Bar Mango, Reading with The Scratch Perverts
23rd Oct
Kool Kids Klub @ The Horse and Groom, London
24th Oct
The Den (Formally The End)
2nd Nov
FF @ Bar Mango, Reading
6th Nov
Supporting Busy P and So Me
13th Nov
Kool Kids Klub @ The Macbeth
9th Jan
Kool Kids Klub @ The Ocean Rooms, Brighton

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